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Appealing a lower court’s decision is often considered one of the most difficult aspects of the law. It requires a keen legal mind that understands both how a judge comes to a ruling and the true intent of a law, as it is written. Attorney Kelley M. Enderley of The Law Office of Kelley M. Enderley, PC has the experience, know-how, and focus to make your appeal a success. She is currently working in the Appellate Division Second Department to handle appeals for all matters.

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Filing an appeal will be intricate and time-consuming. Some may take months or even years to conclude. If you believe you need to appeal a court’s decision, there is no time to lose.

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Unique Nature of Appellate Cases

Not every lawyer or legal professional will be able to handle an appellate case. This is not detrimental to their skill, however, but actually just speaks for the complexity of appealing a court’s judgement. In order to ensure she does the most for her clients, Attorney Kelley Enderley thoroughly reviews all applicable prior court appearances and case law before summarizing it concisely for the court.

The body of appellate cases is not the prowess and courtroom presence of an attorney but rather it is how laws appear on paper. Appealing a case is not about evidence but instead about errors. By taking the time to study previously decided Appellate Division and Court of Appeals cases and how they should apply to your own case, our firm can present a clean, understandable, and logical reasoning to the higher court.

Punctuality & Penmanship Count in Appeals

It might seem unusual to many but the incredibly strict nature of appellate cases means that every portion of an appeal is important, right down to the typeface and font size. With almost 15 years of experience managing difficult appeals, you can rest comfortably in knowing that Attorney Enderley knows exactly what to do when creating your appeal, from the table of contents and cover page to when the paperwork must be filed and to what office.

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