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Experienced Hudson Valley Attorney

Serving Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, and Kingston, NY

For nearly a decade, our firm has dedicated our practice to providing constructive and helpful solutions to individuals facing a legal crisis. Whether you need help with a family law or criminal defense case in Hudson Valley, The Law Office of Kelley M. Enderley, PC can provide strategic, fearless, and supportive legal counsel.

Making Legal Proceedings Easier for You

Legal crises often adhere to their own schedule. Family conflicts or criminal charges often arise unexpectedly, needing our immediate attention and usually dragging on endlessly. We understand the inconvenience and trouble that a legal issue can create.

Our Hudson Valley attorney recognizes that life goes on during legal troubles. We aim to provide assistance in the following ways:

  • Court representation in your absence
  • 24-hour emergency contact line (including text message)
  • Quick response within 24 hours
  • Evening and weekend appointments

Clear and Responsive Communication

Attorney Enderley is a passionate advocate of individual rights. Whether you are facing criminal charges or tackling a divorce, you may not initially comprehend the full extent of your rights and the options available to you.

At The Law Office of Kelley M. Enderley, PC, our Hudson Vaelly lawyer is committed to constructing an effective legal strategy that addresses your goals and needs. We don't look for the easy way out or quick fix. We will explore all angles, possible paths, and consequences you may encounter in your legal proceedings. It is this meticulous approach that enables us to be the effective legal counsel you require.

Confident Trial Advocate

Our Hudson Valley attorney is a fixture in both the family and criminal courts, maintaining and cultivating the professional relationships necessary to competently negotiate and / or litigate on your behalf. This daily participation in the courts provides our firm with an insightful understanding of the law and its nuances. From traffic tickets to Class A felonies, child custody plans to domestic violence orders of protection, our experienced Poughkeepsie lawyer can provide confident, comprehensive, and fearless legal advocacy.

Compassionate Guidance

Facing a legal crisis can be overwhelming and emotionally charged. Family law disputes such as child custody or domestic violence may leave you feeling frustrated and stressed. Criminal charges may also cause you to fear for your future and your freedom.

At The Law Office of Kelley M. Enderley, PC, our practiced attorney understands the human emotions behind any legal situation. Our Hudson Valley firm is dedicated to providing compassionate counsel and supportive guidance throughout your legal process.

Contact The Law Office of Kelley M. Enderley, PC today for strategic, fearless, and supportive legal counsel.