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Out-Of-State Drivers

We Fight or Fix Your New York Traffic Ticket

Were you cited for speeding or another traffic offense while traveling through New York? You may be tempted to ignore the ticket since you are not a New York resident. Or you may be tempted to just pay the ticket and be done with it.

Whatever you do, there may be hidden costs and consequences for your driver's license in your home state. The Law Office of Kelley M. Enderley, PC regularly represents out-of-state drivers in dealing with New York state traffic tickets. We research the laws in your state to resolve it in the most favorable way.

Traffic Violation as an Out-of-State Driver? - Contact us today to schedule a consultation about fighting or "fixing" your citation. We represent many New Jersey and Connecticut drivers, and have helped clients throughout the United States, including CDL commercial drivers cited for traffic offenses in New York.

New York Traffic Court Attorney for Non-Residents

We know that out-of-state drivers are common targets for state troopers and local law enforcement. We know that the last thing you want is to come back to New York for traffic court. Our attorney routinely handles speeding tickets and other moving violations cited on the New York Thruway (Interstate I-87), the Taconic State Parkway, Interstate I-84, U.S. Route 9 and other roadways in the Hudson Valley.

Poughkeepsie lawyer Kelley M. Enderley practices in local courts of Dutchess, Ulster, Putnam and Columbia counties, and surrounding jurisdictions. She knows that a traffic citation cannot be taken at face value. For example, a ticket that counts only 2 points against a New York license may count 4 points in New Jersey when converted to an equivalent offense. Conversely, we can often get 3-point speeding tickets (under New York law) converted to violations that are no-point offenses in other states.

  • We excel at getting traffic tickets dismissed and reduced.
  • We research the ramifications in your state so there are no surprises.
  • Except for major violations, we can stand in for you in court (even at trial).
  • Once your ticket is resolved, we will notify you of the disposition and where to send your payment.

Poughkeepsie Traffic Ticket Attorney for Out-of-State Drivers

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