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Driving Without Insurance Or A License

Poughkeepsie Drivers License Attorney

The state of New York requires every driver to be insured for injury or property damage to others. Driving without insurance is a serious traffic offense that can be punished by fines and license suspension, not to mention higher insurance rates.

If you were accused of driving without insurance or driving without a license, The Law Office of Kelley M. Enderley, PC in Poughkeepsie can intervene to get you back in compliance and address any criminal penalties or administrative sanctions against your driver's license. Caught Without Valid Insurance or License? - Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We practice in Dutchess, Ulster, Putnam and Columbia counties and throughout the Hudson Valley.

Driving Without Insurance in New York

Typically, the police officer or state trooper discovers has pulled you over for speeding or some other traffic offense or equipment violation. A check of DMV records reveals that your auto insurance has lapsed or that your license is not valid. While some people knowingly drive without insurance or knowingly drive while suspended, you may not have been aware that you were out of compliance.

Attorney Kelley M. Enderley practices regularly in traffic courts in Hudson Valley and surrounding jurisdictions. Her first goal is to get rid of the insurance ticket to avoid fines and license suspension. We often convince insurance brokers to backdate the policy to satisfy the court that coverage is in force. We can then get the violation dismissed. Sometimes clients have violations for no insurance and/or no valid license as well as some traffic violation. We work to get one or more offenses dropped, or to combine the tickets into one.

Tickets for Driving Without Insurance

In New York, driving without valid insurance is punishable by license revocation and a fine of up to $1,500, plus hundreds of dollars to reinstate driving privileges, and driving without a valid license is also a major offense.

Insurers will see that driver as high-risk and jack up the person's rates. Hiring a lawyer to fix this is definitely cost-effective.

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