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Hudson Valley Traffic Ticket Attorney

Ready to Defend Your Driving Rights and Your Freedom

If you are facing traffic tickets, DWI accusations, or other criminal charges, you may be overwhelmed and frightened. The thought of potential ramifications can be daunting. Our Poughkeepsie traffic ticket lawyer is dedicated to protecting the driving record of all our clients, and has demonstrated sophisticated skills in challenging traffic ticket charges.

Traffic violations, whether they involve multiple tickets, suspicions of DWI or excessive speeding, can have far-reaching consequences.

If not properly addressed, an individual may face serious ramifications from traffic violations or DWIs, including:

  • Loss of driving privileges
  • Expensive auto insurance
  • Loss of employment (if your job depends on driving a vehicle)
  • Fines and other financial penalties
  • Incarceration

Most states in the country share DMV information. Once the agencies communicate the traffic violations to one another, an individual's driving record will be negatively affected in any state. If an out-of-state client has incurred a traffic ticket while visiting New York, our practiced traffic ticket lawyer in Poughkeepsie can provide the skilled legal counsel necessary to help you fix a stained driving record.

Strategically Fighting for Your Rights

If an individual is confronting a traffic violation, their legal representation requires negotiating finesse and skillful strategy to defend their rights and freedoms. Our skilled traffic ticket attorney is in the local courts almost daily, maintaining productive working relationships with local judges and lawyers, as well as law enforcement officials. It is this professional rapport combined with an insightful understanding of the law's nuances that enable our firm with the effective ability to help our clients waive their tickets, reduce their offenses, or lessen their penalties.

Resolve Your Traffic Tickets with Our Firm

At The Law Office of Kelley M. Enderley, PC, our Poughkeepsie traffic ticket attorney is staunchly devoted to defending the driving privileges of all our clients, no matter what the nature of their traffic ticket charge. You can trust our firm to provide the zealous and aggressive representation you need and deserve.

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