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Changing Court Orders for Custody and Child Support Across Dutchess County

The judge's order was probably clear enough. Perhaps circumstances have changed. Perhaps the other parent refuses to abide by the court's decision. However, modification hearings and enforcement actions tend to be adversarial. One party is petitioning the court to change the status quo or to force the other parent to do something. Because these disputes involve children, money or both, they can be complex and emotional.

The Law Office of Kelley M. Enderley, PC in Poughkeepsie provides experienced representation for enforcing a standing court order or going back to court to modify the terms. We represent either party in modification hearings and contempt of court proceedings in the family courts of Hudson valley, New York.

Problem With Custody, Visitation or Support? - Contact us today for a confidential consultation. Our knowledgeable lawyer can represent you in contested proceedings or help you negotiate an out-of-court solution.

Modifying and Enforcing Family Court Orders

We have handled every type of post-decree modification and dispute:

  • Sole custody — on the basis of child abuse, drug use, mental illness or other harm to the child's well-being
  • Physical custody — switching roles of primary and non-custodial parent
  • Visitation — altering the amount of parenting time
  • Parenting plans — accounting for changes in work schedules, children's activities, summer vacation, etc.
  • Parent relocation — moving out of Hudson Valley with the children
  • Modification of child support — based on substantial change in income
  • Modification of spousal support or termination of alimony
  • Failure to pay child support or spousal support
  • Interference with visitation

Poughkeepsie Custody, Child Support and Alimony Lawyer

Attorney Kelley M. Enderley has practiced in family law in Hudson Valley since 2005. She is by nature a problem-solver and a peacemaker, and she strives to help clients resolve disputes without the expense and animosity of litigation whenever possible.

From our extensive familiarity with family court, we can give you a realistic prediction of how a judge is likely to rule if you are initiating or challenging a modification. We will first explore out-of-court solutions, but we will vigorously press your case in court when there is no alternative but to fight it out.

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