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Quality Legal Assistance to Protect Your Child

The Law Office of Kelley M. Enderley, PC provides quality legal services for guardianship disputes. We know that these cases can be mentally challenging, and we strive to reach an arrangement that benefits the children involved. If you are fighting for guardianship of a child, contact us today to get caring legal support for your case! Our family law attorney in Poughkeepsie handles cases all across Dutchess County.

Whether you are a grandparent, relative, or family friend, we can build your case to help you achieve temporary or permanent guardianship of the child. Sometimes parents are too young to adequately take care of their child, and sometimes drugs or domestic violence can endanger the life of the child. Whatever the case may be, seeking temporary or permanent guardianship can provide the protection and parental support the child needs.

Situations where guardianship may be the ideal option for a child with parents who:

  • Struggle with substance abuse
  • Are too young to provide adequate parental support
  • Are involved in domestic violence that puts the child at risk
  • Have legal troubles that prohibit them from providing for their child

Settle Your Guardianship Dispute with Us Today

As a Hudson Valley family law attorney, we can work to uphold the child's interests. We know that a guardianship dispute may be one of the most stressful and challenging situations you will every face, and we promote amicable, out-of-court resolutions. Sometimes, however, litigation may be the only way to protect your child. If your case is taken to trial, we always come prepared to present your case and fight for you in court.

The welfare of the child is our number one priority. We can help all parties involved reach decisions over custody, visitation, and guardianship matters. With care and precision, our Poughkeepsie family law firm can work through the conflicts and negotiate an arrangement that is benefits you and your child.

Guardianship matters require experienced and professional legal assistance:

If you are seeking the guardianship of a minor, contact us today! With evening and weekend appointments available, you can get the attention you need at your own convenience!