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Fighting Robbery Charges in New York

In New York, robbery is considered a violent crime. Prosecutors work hard to obtain convictions, and if you have been accused of this criminal charge, it is important that you level the playing field by enlisting an experienced Hudson Valley robbery lawyer. At The Law Office of Kelley M. Enderley, PC, we prepare every case for trial and are not willing to simply take the quick and easy route if that is not what is best for our client. We will fight for a positive outcome.

We have experience defending against robbery charges of all types, including the most serious armed robbery charges, which may also be accompanied by weapons charges.

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How Clear Is The Videotape Evidence?

When the prosecutor says that the accused has been caught on video committing the robbery, we do not necessarily consider this as flawless evidence. Many of the surveillance cameras on the market are low quality and produce blurry, unclear images. The evidence becomes even weaker if the individual in the video was wearing a mask of some sort, and the articles of clothing that supposedly identify him or her are very common items. We carefully review all videotape evidence before creating a defense strategy.

Perhaps the prosecution has stronger evidence. Maybe the accused's vehicle and license plate was caught on camera. Even when it seems that the case is solid, there may be options. For example, a reduced sentence may be available if a person committed robbery to fund a drug or alcohol addiction and that person would be willing to get treatment for the root problem. Experience means our Poughkeepsie robbery attorney can consider every option to help you overcome this.

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