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Charges of possession of stolen property often go along with other criminal charges in New York, particularly theft, burglary or robbery. Multiple charges make it all the more important to choose an experienced lawyer. Even if you have only been charged with possession of stolen property, a conviction can have a serious impact on your life. You may be fined and incarcerated. You will be left with a criminal record that will make it difficult to pursue career opportunities. At The Law Office of Kelley M. Enderley, PC, we fight to protect your future.

Sale Of Stolen Property

In many cases, the accused is caught because he or she attempted to sell the stolen property to a pawn shop, used video game store, used CD store or used DVD store. Most of these businesses ask for a person's identification before buying an item. The stores keep the seller's name, address and phone number on file. If an employee at the store becomes suspicious about the items being sold, he or she may call the police and provide the individual's information. Then, if the items are determined to have been stolen, an arrest will be made.

A Poughkeepsie attorney handling possession of stolen property charges will review the evidence. On the surface, it may seem strong, but experience has taught us that there are often weaknesses. Even when there are not, there may be options that we can pursue to have the charges or penalties reduced. The key is to discuss the case with us first, rather than discussing it with the police. We are committed to fighting these serious charges.

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