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Parents, if your child has been accused of a crime, be aware that your child has the right to remain silent. Do not force your child to talk to police, as everything said can be used against your child. Discuss the case with an experienced criminal defense lawyer first.

At The Law Office of Kelley M. Enderley, PC, we defend juveniles accused of drug charges, weapons charges, theft charges like shoplifting, burglary, or robbery, and other crimes. Make no mistake, your child's future is on the line. Even children under the age of 15 could be placed in a juvenile detention facility in New York. Educational opportunities could disappear.

How To Choose A Lawyer In Juvenile Crime Cases

Choosing a Poughkeepsie juvenile defense attorney is no easy task. You may understand the importance of choosing an attorney who practices criminal defense, particularly if your child is charged with a felony-level offense. However, it is also important to keep in mind that this case may lead to family court in the form of a juvenile delinquency hearing or a person in need of supervision (PINS) proceeding. Many criminal defense attorneys will not handle these family law matters. We do.

When you choose our law firm, you will benefit from being represented by a lawyer who practices both criminal defense and family law. We understand the unique way in which these two areas of the law overlap and interact in cases involving juvenile offenders. This allows us to provide strong representation that might otherwise require hiring multiple attorneys.

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