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People often panic when they are accused of crimes. It is not uncommon for people to provide a false name, false date of birth and false address when New York police ask for identification, hoping to somehow avoid trouble. This only makes matters worse, because in addition to the initial crime, people can then be charged with false impersonation. Sometimes the charge of false impersonation is actually more serious than the initial crime. At The Law Office of Kelley M. Enderley, PC, we can defend you against every criminal charge you face.

Providing False Identification During An Arrest

People may take false impersonation one step further. Instead of merely providing incorrect information verbally, they may hand over someone else's driver's license. Perhaps the driver's license belongs to a friend or relative. Perhaps it was found or stolen. This may make matters even more challenging, making it more important to choose an experienced lawyer.

Whether you were initially pulled over for a DWI or a traffic violation, or you were arrested for a drug charge like marijuana possession or a more serious crime, a Poughkeepsie false impersonation attorney can help. You may feel as though the odds are against you, particularly if you eventually admitted to the police that you provided incorrect identification. That does not mean you do not have options. We are committed to reviewing the evidence and exploring every opportunity to help you overcome these charges and move forward.

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