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Poughkeepsie Drug Charge Lawyer

Person buying drugsA lawyer's job is to help people, and at The Law Office of Kelley M. Enderley, PC, we take that job seriously. We do not consider it helpful to simply reach a plea bargain without completely evaluating not only the case, but also the individual's circumstances.

In many drug crime cases, there are bigger issues at play than just a criminal charge. In fact, the people caught up in these cases are often good people who have developed bad habits. We frequently represent people who have turned to drugs to self-medicate, and when possible, we pursue a resolution that involves treatment, not punishment.

Drug charges are taken seriously in New York. When you choose our law firm, you will be represented by a Poughkeepsie drug charge attorney who not only understands all available options, but also is experienced at fighting these criminal charges at trial when necessary.

Fighting Drug Offenses

A fight is often necessary in these cases. While we frequently defend people accused of criminal possession of a controlled substance (CPCS), we also handle many cases involving felony charges of selling drugs or possession with intent to sell. People are often surprised at the small amount of drugs necessary for a charge of possession to escalate to a charge of possession with intent to sell. Often, the charge is based not just on the amount of drugs, but the way the drugs are packaged. Cases commonly involve heroin, cocaine, marijuana and other controlled substances. We also defend against prescription drug crimes.

Other Drug-Related Crimes

Our experience becomes particularly important in cases involving multiple charges. We are skilled at handling cases involving not only drug charges, but theft charges, burglary charges, robbery charges, false impersonation charges and other charges as well. Our goal in every case is to pursue the outcome that has the least impact on your life.

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