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Poughkeepsie Burglary Defense Lawyer

In New York, burglary is defined as unlawfully entering or remaining within a building with the intent to commit a crime. The building in question is often someone's home, and that is why these cases are taken so seriously: someone's home and sanctuary has been violated. It is also important to note that a person can be charged with burglary even if he or she did not actually steal anything.

Be aware that criminal prosecutors are not going to go easy on you. If you are convicted of this criminal charge, you may face fines or incarceration. Your future is in jeopardy. Turn to an experienced lawyer. Turn to The Law Office of Kelley M. Enderley, PC.

Attacking The Evidence In Burglary Cases

Since burglaries typically involve home invasion, there is rarely videotape evidence. In fact, there may be little solid proof at all that the accused committed the crime. In many cases, our Poughkeepsie burglary defense attorney has seen that burglary charges have been filed on the basis of little more than a co-defendant pointing the finger. The word of another person accused of collaborating on the burglary is not strong evidence, and we will attack it.

In some cases, the evidence may be more solid. The accused may have been turned in by a pawn shop for attempting to sell stolen property. Whatever the case may be, we will thoroughly review all evidence for weaknesses and design a defense strategy designed to overcome the burglary charges.

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