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Article 10 Abuse and Neglect Proceedings

Abuse and Neglect proceedings are not always what everyone thinks they are. It does not necessarily mean that a child is being beaten. Sometimes it can be a simple question of whether or not an individual can actually care for a child. This question can be raised when a parent is the primary caregiver of a child and they have been prescribed a narcotic for pain management. The question then comes down to whether or not that parent has the ability to properly care for the child while taking that narcotic…whether prescribed or not by a physician. Simply being prescribed a narcotic by a doctor does not mean that you have the ability to drive a car or care for a child as you could be deemed to be intoxicated while under the influence of that medication.

If you have a Child Protective worker come to your home in New York State I’m happy to discuss with you whether you should speak to that worker, cooperate with the department or even allow them into your home. Protect yourself, your children and your rights. You are under no legal obligation, absent a court order, to cooperate with a Child Protective Investigation even when they come to your home accompanied by a police officer.