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New Year, New You

As we kick off 2020 everyone likes to make New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes it is as simple as eating a little healthier or starting a routine at the gym. Other times people choose this moment to reevaluate their lives and make big changes, such as the “D” word…Divorce. Choosing to change your life and go through a divorce is never a simple thing and can be one of the hardest decisions you have made in your life. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are:
  • Is this what you really want?
  • Are you happy?
  • If you are not happy, what is going to make you lead a happier more fulfilled life?

The holidays can be a rough time so make sure you take the time to evaluate your decisions carefully. However, sometimes life is about the pursuit of your happiness. If you are not happy this will reflect on everything and everyone around you. Sometimes people hold off on doing a divorce due to children. In my experience in representing both adults and children in the legal system, children are very resilient and can adjust to a new schedule so long as you can keep the peace with your spouse. However, children are affected by seeing a parent unhappy or engaging in an unhealthy relationship.

For those individuals who don’t have children being alone again can be a scary thought. However, the prospect of being unhappy and in an unhealthy living situation daily that you cannot escape from is not a way to live your life. Take the time to evaluate your current situation. Talk to your best friend or a counselor and make a plan to move forward that will be healthy for you. What works for one person may not work for the next as we are all individuals.
Pursue your happiness in 2020, whatever that may be!