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How Do I Choose The Right Attorney?

I am often asked if I am the “right attorney” for a case. There are so many attorneys available and most people don’t know who to call unless they have called based upon a referral. It is always hard to know if you are calling the best attorney to hire from a web page, when so many attorneys are advertising.

Finding the “right attorney” can be a daunting task. I always tell people to not hire the cheapest attorney or the most expensive attorney. Rather hire the attorney that you feel the most comfortable speaking with. The attorneys that can speak in a knowledgeable manner about the facts presented and have a “plan” of action for your case are often the best to hire. In addition, ask questions about the Judges the attorney regularly appears in front of and what the primary areas of practice the attorney partakes in.

Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have about the attorney you are hiring the better. Ask questions directly to the attorney you are interested in hiring. Don’t look at reviews on the Internet. Hiring an attorney is a very personal experience and different people interact in different ways. Furthermore, many times Court cases do not go the way people intend and both parties can walk away unhappy. As attorneys are restrained under attorney client confidentiality they cannot respond to negative reviews on the Internet and in many circumstances due to the competitive nature of attorneys some of the reviews may even be false or individuals that were never actually clients.

Ask around about the attorney you are interested in hiring. However, hiring the attorney with a plan of action that you feel comfortable with is always the best choice.