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Should I Talk to Police If I Get Arrested?

Most people who are arrested find a profound need to speak to police officers. These people cannot be more wrong. Police are not your friend if you are being arrested and nothing you say to them is going to change their minds about the arrest. Rather, speaking to them about anything could make things substantially worse. The police cannot offer you a plea bargain and they are not authorized to make any deals as to sentences or pleas. The job of a police officer is to arrest you and try to coerce a statement from you.

Even those who are innocent need to not make statements to police officers. These statements can and will be used against an individual. The best person to speak to about your side of the story, no matter what it is, is your attorney. These are the individuals who know how to talk to police officers and prosecutors to make sure that the correct factual events come out.

It is important to remember that you have the right to remain silent when dealing with police officers. Law enforcement will always try to persuade an individual to make a statement. In my years of experience as a criminal defense attorney not one statement made to a police officer ever led to someone not being arrested. In reality it helps to further the arrest along and those statements are then used later against that individual.

If you are being questioned by police officers, ask for a lawyer immediately. Kelley M. Enderley, a Dutchess County Criminal Defense Attorney, is ready and able to help you. Call today!