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Vacation Notice and Custody Orders

Most custody and visitation orders will designate when a parent can take a vacation period with a child. In order to avoid issues with cancelled vacations due to the children not being permitted to go by one parent it is important to provide the following information to the other parent as soon as possible (or by the date designated in the Order):

  1. Itinerary information including but not limited to flight and hotel reservations.
  2. The specific days of the vacation
  3. Contact information for the children while they are on vacation

Each parent is always entitled to know where the children are going to be while on vacation. This is especially important when a parent wants to obtain a passport for the child. Passports generally require both parents’ signatures to obtain absent a court order.

Should one parent unreasonably deny the other parent the ability to go on vacation giving the proper amount of notice will help any attorney trying to assist you to get a court order so that you can enjoy your vacation with your children.

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