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Facebook And The Legal System

Facebook and other forms of social media have become a norm for everyday use for most people. Individuals who never had use for a computer before have now found a use in Facebook, which has enabled people to connect with long lost friends and relatives living in distant locales. However, with the good of social medial platforms there is always the bad as well.

Facebook and other social media forms permit people to put their lives into the public eye. Even pages that are marked as “private” still can be seen by other’s who can press the print key or simply show their pages with the posts to others. As such, nothing is really “private” in the world of social media.

It is clear that social media is here to stay. If you are going through legal proceedings or might go through legal proceedings think before you post. Innocent sounding statements to one individual may not be so innocent sounding to another as context and sarcasm are not heard with these statements. Don’t post public pictures of your children as you never know who will be looking at the pictures. In addition, don’t post something that you don’t think everyone and I mean everyone would be ok seeing.

Simply put assume everything you post can be seen by everyone including the courts and that each post could affect child support proceedings, divorce proceedings, family court proceedings criminal proceedings or any other type of legal proceeding.