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The Dangers of Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation is a newer concept for the courts. While many people claim alienation is taking place by one parent against the other, many times this is not the case. When alienation is really occurring it is a traumatic event in both the lives of the parent who is being alienated as well as the children. Both Mothers and Fathers are equally responsible for the acts associated with alienation.

When alienation occurs it does so in such a way that may be very apparent to everyone or can be done in such a subtle way that it becomes very hard to identify. The first step in identifying whether or not parental alienation is actually occurring is to have a forensic evaluation whereby a psychologist evaluates all members of the family to determine the family dynamics. If alienation tactics are deemed to be taking place then the Courts must determine how the alienation should be dealt with. Sometimes an adjustment to the Order and therapy needs to be ordered for the parties as well as the children to address the behavior. However, if this is not successful then the courts have determined that a parent who continues to engage in parental alienation is deemed to be taking place, the parent who is engaging in the acts of parental alienation is deemed to be unfit to be the custodial parent of the children.

In some cases, the parent who is engaging in alienation has visitation suspended while they seek treatment for the behaviors they are engaging in. When a parent is truly engaging in parental alienation they are actually engaging in child neglect, due to the detrimental effect on the children.

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