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What happens if you get a bench warrant?

A bench warrant is issued by a Court when a Defendant or a Respondent has failed to appear in Court. This warrant permits a police agency to pick up the individual and produce them before the Court. Thereafter, the Court can continue to detain the individual and place a bail amount on them or in the alternative release the individual with or without supervision.

If a bench warrant is issued against an individual the best course of action is to make arrangements to turn themselves into a police agency or the court as soon as possible. The less time that expires, the more proof that the failure to appear was merely a mistake and that no intention to miss a court appearance was present. In addition, when an individual freely accepts responsibility for a bench warrant being issued and turns himself/herself in, it also goes a long way to show the Judge that the individual will continue to appear in person.

Bail is much more likely to be set for an individual when they fail to acknowledge the bench warrant and they have to be brought before the Judge by a police agency.