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Lost Your License Due To Not Responding To a Traffic Ticket?

When one fails to appear in court for a vehicle and traffic ticket the Court and the Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend that individual’s license. When that occurs if an individual continues driving with a suspended license it could result in criminal charges of at least a misdemeanor in the form of an AUO3rd.

In order to reinstate a driver’s license after a suspension for failure to appear on a traffic ticket a scoff fee must be paid for each ticket that a failure to respond to has occurred. The easiest way determine what tickets have caused the suspension is to obtain a driver’s abstract from the Department of Motor Vehicle. This document will explain all of the causes for a suspension on an individual’s license.

Once the scoff fee has been paid a court appearance will be scheduled should a “not guilty” plea be entered to the ticket. As a matter of course I always recommend that an individual plead “not guilty” to any ticket as pleading guilty can have severe consequences.