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Find The Right Attorney

I am a firm believer that one always needs to find the right attorney to work with regarding a particular case. The attorney/client relationship is a very personal relationship due to the information about the client’s life that will be disclosed to the attorney. This is a relationship of trust. An attorney can only help an individual if they are told the truth about a situation. The more prepared an attorney is when going to court the better the client will be represented.

Some individuals “shop around” for attorneys looking for the lowest price. That is the last thing that an individual should be concerned about. While hiring an attorney is an expensive endeavor one always needs to ensure that they are hiring the right attorney for them. I receive calls all the time from individuals who are unhappy with the attorney that they have hired and want to find a new attorney. Sometimes this can be avoided by hiring the right attorney from the beginning.

Getting a referral to an attorney is always a wonderful place to start. The next step whether that attorney is referred to you or not is to do your own research. Talk to that attorney, do research on other attorney’s in the field of law you are looking for and talk to those attorneys. Make sure the attorney you hire knows the goals that you are looking to accomplish and has at least the beginning of a plan or strategy for your case.

In addition, always look for an attorney that regularly practices in the area of law that you need an attorney for. For instance hire a matrimonial attorney that regularly practices matrimonial law and not just child custody law. Hire an attorney who practices felony criminal law rather than one who simply handles misdemeanor cases.

As I stated before the attorney/client relationship is a personal relationship that can only work when the attorney and the client are able to work together. Ask questions and make sure you get an answers from the attorney you are interviewing.