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Always Consult an Attorney!

In my many years of practice I have met various people who have come to me after signing legal documents before they consulted with an attorney. In every one of those cases I have had the unpleasant task to inform the individual the consequences of what they signed and that it cannot be simply “undone”.

By way of example an individual can sign a divorce agreement prepared by one attorney. However, that attorney, unless they are acting in a capacity of a mediator, is representing one person only. As such, that attorney is representing the interests of their client only and those interests are generally not the same as the unrepresented party. Without proper knowledge of the law an individual could inadvertently sign paperwork whereby they waive maintenance/spousal support or child support they would have otherwise been entitled to under the law.

At the very least seek the assistance of an attorney to review the documents you are about to sign. A review attorney will be able to give you guidance regarding the law and inform you of the consequences of what you are signing. Furthermore, this is often a much less expensive way to proceed than hiring an attorney to represent you for an entire matter, and is substantially cheaper than entering into an agreement or contact that could have an individual paying more money or services than the law would otherwise provide for.

The most important thing to always remember is that knowledge is your power to protect yourself and an attorney can provide the knowledge you need to make appropriate decisions that will enable you to protect yourself.