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Local traffic stops lead to arrests in Duchess County

According to local authorities in Duchess County, New York, 15 drivers were arrested over St. Patrick’s Day week.

All of the arrests involved impaired driving charges. However, there was variety within those arrests. For example, only four were felonies. Some of those arrested also face traffic violation charges, such as one 50-year old woman from Ellenville who was charged with unlicensed operation of a vehicle, in addition to aggravated and felony DWI.

The drunk driving arrests were made in conjunction with a local initiative targeting driving while intoxicated offenders. Called Duchess County STOP-DWI, the program consists of extra road patrols funded by a New York state grant.

An attorney that specializes in criminal law and traffic violations knows the importance of consulting with an attorney about a traffic citation or offense, even if minor. Although it may be tempting to resolve the matter by simply signing the back of a ticket, an attorney may have insights about police procedures or other possible areas of defense. Taking the time to build a strong defense could pay off, especially if it enables a criminal defendant to avoid license sanctions.

Admittedly, a DWI charge can implicate much more serious penalties than mere parking or speeding tickets. However, an attorney that handles the full spectrum of criminal and traffic citation defense will know the burden of proof that applies in each instance, as well as the evidence prosecutors will need to make their case. An attorney may have experience in getting traffic offenses reduced or even dismissed.

Source: Poughkeepsie Journal, “Sheriff's: 15 accused of impaired driving over St. Patrick's Day weekend,” March 20, 2014