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Billions in child support remain unpaid on national level

Certain commentators' feel that changes to the 1996 federal welfare laws has resulted in many single mothers being placed in an untenable situation. One study conducted by a pair of individuals at the Luxembourg Income Study Center at the Graduate Center City University of New York suggests that 63 percent of single mother families are in poverty.

There are many reasons for why this happens to be the case. A large number of women are still not earning nearly enough money as single mothers to fully support their children. In any event, one other important factor may be the billions of dollars in uncollected child support that occurs on a national level.

It is estimated that there was $14 billion in uncollected child support in 2011. This number is so large that one commentator has proposed that there be a Minimum Guaranteed Child Support policy put in place. This would mean that single parents receive their child support payments even in the event that the non-custodial parent refuses to pay.

Unfortunately, we cannot currently rely on governments alone to perform this task. Family law attorneys can, however, assist in those circumstances where child support payments are not being paid. Attorneys can arrange for wage garnishment or contempt orders when a non-custodial parent remains uncooperative.

Not all parents understand that the purpose of child support concerns the children. Child support payments are there to make sure a child's physical, emotional and educational needs are met. The best interest of the child is the primary concern regarding every family law matter where children are involved.

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