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Traffic violation leads to repeat offender felony charge

When it comes to a traffic violation, most people think of running a red light or some other minor violation. For one local man, however, a routine traffic stop turned into a class D felony.

According to a news release, New York State Police stopped a local driver from East Fishkill, New York on a recent Sunday evening for alleged equipment and moving violation. However, the police claim that they observed signs of intoxication during their conversation with the driver. That led to an arrest for driving while intoxicated. However, since the man had two previous DWI convictions, he is now facing the felony penalty scheme designated for repeat DWI offenders. Police also issued him uniform traffic tickets.

As this post illustrates, even a simple traffic citation can have a detrimental effect where prior traffic or driving offenses are involved. To avoid the serious consequences for repeat offenses, it is essential to consult with an experienced traffic ticket and criminal defense lawyer.

An attorney can review the traffic ticket and work to prepare a strong defense. Depending on a defendant’s prior criminal record, some options to explore may include getting charges reduced, avoiding jail time and/or license suspension, and working to avoid the collateral consequence of raised insurance rates.

An attorney that has defended against both traffic violation and DWI charges will be a particular asset in handling felony charges. No matter how serious the charges may be, a defense attorney will keep working to obtain the best possible outcome for an accused.

Source: Poughkeepsie Journal, “ 3rd DWI charge for East Fishkill man,” Nina Schutzman, June 24, 2014