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Terrence Howard seeks modification to divorce agreement

New York residents who may be contemplating divorce might be interested in Terrence Howard's current situation. The Oscar-nominated actor says he is unable to pay alimony to his second wife. He is petitioning the court to reevaluate the agreement in light of his current income.

According to the actor, who has been in such films as 'Iron Man," he is not able to pay the $325,000 in spousal support that was stipulated in his latest divorce agreement. He says that all the money he makes from films goes directly to his first wife to whom he was married for 14 years and with whom he had three children. Two of the children are still underage, and he also pays child support. According to Howard, after his first wife pays her living expenses and takes out child support, she sends him a monthly check for $5,878. This, the actor says, is not sufficient income to pay the contractual obligation to his second wife.

Howard was married to his second wife for one year and maintains he was pressured into signing a settlement he could not afford with threats of blackmail. He is under a restraining order to stay 300 yards away from his second wife after an incident where she alleged he kicked and punched her.

In some cases, an individual might be able to have a standing divorce agreement modified. Depending on a number of factors, court-ordered or contractual support obligations might be changed based on the certain factors, including changes in the earning ability of either party. A lawyer might be able to help someone seeking such a modification during negotiations or court hearings.

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