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Dozens of people arrested in Dutchess County impairment crackdown

According to a recent report, 77 people were arrested in Dutchess County between Dec. 13 and Jan. 1 for a variety of traffic violations and other accusations. This was part of a crackdown on impaired driving by agencies across the county.

Police say that many people were arrested for impaired driving, some of them facing felonies. However, during the course of their investigations and traffic stops, police charged some with other non-traffic violations. Police often target people during the holiday season and increase patrols to watch for suspected impaired drivers.

Being pulled over for police can be a humiliating situation. However, when someone is arrested, they might face serious criminal charges and have their name listed in a local newspaper or as part of a TV news story. Even if a person is innocent, this can be especially embarrassing and cause problems for a person in their personal and professional life.

In addition to any reputation damage that an arrest can cause, traffic violations can result in a loss of driving privileges in New York. Depending on the type of charges a person faces, they might have to pay fines and be unable to drive for a period of time.

When people find themselves facing criminal charges, they might feel outnumbered by authority figures, and intimidated by police. An attorney who understands traffic violations in New York can help represent a person in court and fight the charges they face. They can work to ensure no rights of the accused are violated and work to clear their name of wrongdoing.

Source: Daily Freeman, " Dutchess County police agencies charge 77 people in crackdown on impaired driving," Jan. 8, 2013