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New York man accused of drunk driving

A man is in custody following a minor car accident in the early morning of Feb. 15, local sources have reported. The central New York man was arrested by police after allegedly rear-ending a stopped sheriff's vehicle. He has been charged with drunk driving and a number of smaller infractions and is currently awaiting trial.

Reports indicate that a local sheriff's officer had activated his emergency lights and was stopped at the side of the road when the accident occurred. The officer was speaking with the driver he had pulled over when a vehicle exited the thruway and struck his patrol car from behind. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the crash.

The details of the man's arrest are unclear, but he has been charged with driving while intoxicated as well as failure to submit to a breath test and failure to slow down for a hazard. He also was charged with not moving over for an emergency vehicle. Police have not stated how they ascertained the man's intoxicated state.

Drunk driving is a serious infraction in New York and can lead to suspended and revoked licenses as well as jail time and fines. However, in order for the man to be found guilty, prosecutors will have to prove that he was indeed intoxicated at the time of the accident; therefore, retaining qualified legal support can be to his advantage. As he did not agree to submit to a Breathalyzer test, prosecutors will have to present evidence of his intoxication based on other criteria. They will also have to prove that the evidence was obtained through legal means or risk having it invalidated.

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