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New York City uses new camera program to issue speeding tickets

In New York, residents may want to watch their speed even when a cop isn't in sight, as cameras have been posted in six different discreet locations. This is a test run that the city's Department of Transportation is running. With the issuance of these speeding tickets, their ultimate goal is to put a stop to speeding, as it is reckless and endangers the lives of others.

As of now, there are only six cameras posted throughout New York City and near school zones. However, with the success rate that they have seen with these initial six, more will come sooner rather than later. In fact, the city plans to extend the program to 20 cameras total. This will not only be for the safety of individuals, though, as this program creates significant revenue for the city.

In the first two weeks of this new speeding program, New York City has already issued close to 1,000 speeding tickets. Tickets were only issued to drivers that were going 10 mph over the speed limit. In most areas, the posted speed was 30 mph.

Individuals who have received speeding tickets in New York as a result of this new camera system or by a police officer should be aware that paying the ticket in full is an admission of guilt. While it may seem minor, the fact of the matter is that fighting a speeding ticket could keep from points being added on a driver's license. In addition, with a solid defense strategy, it could possibly eliminate the increase of insurance premiums and limit the possible consequences of a speeding ticket.

Source: New York Post, Speed cameras begin catching speeders around NYC school zones, Michael Gartland, Feb. 2, 2014