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Family law disputes involving children need to remain kid-focused

According to a New York child psychiatrist, children suffer greatly in a divorce due to their almost total dependence upon their parents. When children perceive that one parent is no longer reliant upon the other parent, they may feel that they may also not be cherished.

The reaction of children in the event of a divorce may be dependent upon their age. However, an adjustment period is likely for all children and many may experience loneliness or stress.

The focus for parents will need to be upon the children. Child custody and visitation disputes arise and parents too often are unwilling to bend. Fear of making it too easy upon the other parent could in turn result in parents not making it any easier for children to adapt to the new circumstances.

It's important for parents to keep consistency in the lives of children while going through a transition. Both parents should try to keep rules and routines similar. Keeping a sense of proportion and optimism is also something that children will pay attention to. Instead of telling children what they should feel, it's helpful to instead be a good listener.

As family law attorneys we try to keep both parents focused upon what is in the best interest of the children. Such a focus can minimize problems that will arise between the parents. Though we feel that out-of-court custody agreements would be ideal in most circumstances, we also need to make certain that any agreements prepared will meet all of the contingencies that parents require.

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