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Traffic stop turns violent after police allegedly attack family

It could have been a routine traffic stop. Police could have witnessed a driver roll through a stop sign, pull the driver over and issue a ticket. The driver could have been on his way in a matter of minutes, upset only with the fine he was required to pay for the traffic violation. But that is not what happened two years ago when a 26-year-old man was stopped by an officer with an aggressive work background.

The young man had allegedly failed to make a full stop at a stop sign near his home in another state. A police officer witnessed this and pursued the driver, but by the time the officer had pulled the man over, he was pulling into the driveway of his home. The situation escalated quickly from there when the driver's mother came out of their home.

According to the mother, she came out of her home to see why police were in front of her house. Rather than explain that the young man had run a stop sign, the officer reportedly told the mother to go back inside. Refusing to do so, the woman says she told the officer that it was her house, and she would stay right where she was.

For some unexplained reason, this response set the officer off. The mother was pulled to the ground and dragged to a police car. By this time, two other police vehicles arrived at the scene and more family members from inside the home came out to see what was happening. At least one more person was attacked by police and he suffered broken ribs after an officer shoved his knee into the man's side.

The responding officer will face charges for his actions. The family members and their attorney say that the officer was completely out of line in his response after the traffic violation. He is accused of using excessive force, which is something he reportedly had a history of doing on the job.

Traffic stops can quickly spiral out of control when an officer's response is far more aggressive than the situation warrants. Rather than ignore the frightening altercation, victims can challenge the traffic stop as well as an officer's behavior in order to clear their names and records. Taking legal action can also help to uncover questionable policies and responses by police.

Source: New York Daily News, " Investigators warned Texas police station about officer charged with beating man during Houston traffic stop," David Boroff and Joe Kemp, Sept. 14, 2013