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New York man arrested on drug charges after traffic stop

A man from New York was arrested in a neighboring state last weekend after being pulled over for alleged traffic violations. When someone is pulled over, police will often question them about why they committed an alleged violation, and where they were going. These questions can often make a person nervous, and might sometimes lead to an officer asking to search a person's car.

It is important that people who are pulled over for alleged traffic violations in New York understand their rights. Sometimes officers will think a person did something wrong, and pull them over in hopes of them admitting to wrongdoing. This can result in a person being ticketed and sometimes charges with more serious crimes.

In this recent case, the man that was arrested was accused of having 1,700 oxycodone pills sitting in his front seat. The man was arrested after the officer allegedly saw the pills. He was charges with conspiracy to violate drug laws and trafficking in heroin/morphine/opium.

This situation shows how traffic violations can sometimes quickly result in a person being accused of a much more serious crime. An experienced traffic law attorney in New York can help a person understand their rights and ensure that they were not violated throughout the legal process. If a police officer didn't have the right to pull a person over, they might not have found any other alleged criminal activity. It is important that police follow proper procedures during traffic stops and do not violate the rights of an accused person.

Source: CBS Boston "New York Man Nabbed With 1,700 Oxycodone Pills in I-495 Traffic Stop," Oct. 12, 2013