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Expensive traffic violation fines in New York can be unreasonable

When a person is pulled over for a traffic violation in New York, they might believe that they have done one thing wrong, but are issued a citation for multiple violations, adding up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

A recent story in the New York Daily News shows how some traffic fines amounts are completely unreasonable. Although it took place in another country, a man was recently fined $130,000 for speeding purely based on his wealth. The man admits to speeding, but said that he also believes the scale that was used to determine his fine is unfair.

While this type of fine is unlikely to be the result of a traffic violation in New York, it is important that people understand their rights. Police officers might ask questions after pulling a person over, and any answers a person might give the officer could result in more fines. Authorities must follow the law when they are issuing a citation, and it might be important for a person to have their situation reviewed by an experienced attorney in New York.

They can help a person understand their rights and possibly work to have traffic citations reduced. If a person needs a clean driving record in order to maintain their employment, defending oneself against a traffic ticket can be very important. This can be especially important if the person risks losing their license for a period of time because of the type of violation they are accused of. Without a license, people might have difficulty performing their jobs or even getting to work.

Source: Daily News, " Swedish multimillionaire slapped with $130,000 speeding ticket-because he's rich," Lee Moran, Oct. 15, 2013