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Choosing a legal separation over a divorce

If you’re a high-asset couple then your biggest concern probably revolves around what you and your spouse will do if your marriage ever begins to dissolve. Often times, high-earning spouses never consider divorce prior to marriage because they never assume that they will find themselves going through this process down the road. Unfortunately, divorce can happen to anyone; even after a lengthy marriage.

Take for example the 22-year marriage of Bruce Jenner and Kris Kardashian. Some of our readers here in New York may be familiar with their lives and are aware that they recently separated. While the Kardashian matriarch recently told ABC News that she couldn’t put her finger on why the couple’s marriage began to decline, she says that their new arrangement has actually left them happier and their relationship is actually getting better.

Instead of divorce, the couple has chosen instead to go for a legal separation. Unlike a divorce, couples who choose to legally separate will continue to be legally married but living separate lives. This appears to be the arrangement that the Kardashian patriarchs have devised: Jenner living in a house in Malibu while his estranged wife lives in the Jenner family home with some of their children.

It’s important to point out that while a legal separation can often include talks about division of assets, child support and child custody, it does not appear as if the Kardashian couple has any intention of taking this course. As they have explained to the media recently, they will continue showing the love and respect they have for each other and focus on keeping their family as their number one priority.

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