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Police to increase DUI enforcement over Thanksgiving in New York

People across the state are likely to travel to see friends and family over the extended Thanksgiving weekend. While families are meeting for celebrations with loved ones, police in New York are likely going to be out in full force, patrolling the state's roadways.

According to a recent article in the New York Post, State Police will be working to pull over drivers that they suspect of texting-while-driving, drunk driving, and speeding, throughout the weekend. Police may use large, unmarked SUVs to spot texting drivers. These traffic violations can not only cost a person money, but they can put a dent in their holiday weekend. According to the report, traffic stops for cell phone-related violations had increased drastically in the past year.

Drunk driving charges can result in a large fine, as well as a loss of driving privileges. These penalties might increase, depending on how many prior offenses a person might have had. If a person is underage and pulled over for drunk driving, they could face penalties that could follow them for the rest of their lives.

Speaking with an experienced New York attorney who has experience handling drunk driving and other traffic related allegations might be a wise decision for anyone who is pulled over during the holiday season.

Police might have aggressive goals, that could result in unfair stops by police. Officers might sometimes pull a person over in violation of that person's rights, and then try to get a person to admit to committing a traffic violation.

Source: New York Post, " Police target drunk, texting drivers," Rebecca Harshbarger, Nov. 26, 2013