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Now illegal for NY truckers to text or call while driving

When sitting at a stoplight or in a traffic jam, it can be tempting for many people to glance at their phone. Some people send a quick text message, and others might place a call as the traffic crawls along. While this is tempting, especially for truck and commercial drivers who are often on the road all day, it is now illegal in New York for commercial drivers to send text messages or call using handheld cellphones.

Both drivers and the companies they work for can be fined by the states and the federal government for violating these laws. Not only can CDL holders face fines, but they might face restrictions of their license if they violate certain laws while on the road.

People with commercial driver licenses are often held to a higher standard of driving, both when driving for their company and while driving their personal vehicle. Certain violation accusations in New York can result in consequences for a driver, threatening their ability to continue work as a commercial driver.

Those accused of traffic violations including texting while driving, talking on the cell phone and more severe offenses like drunk driving, might be wise to speak with an attorney in New York who has experience handling traffic violation cases. They can help a driver understand their rights and clear their name of wrongdoing. Sometimes people from out-of-state also receive violations, and might have difficulty defending their rights if they are not able to attend court dates in person. An attorney can help out-of-state drivers understand their options.

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