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Are you struggling to enforce a child support order in New York?

Here in New York, child support laws require parents to support their children financially whether or not they have custody, and regardless of whether children were born in wedlock. Child support is calculated by using a formula that takes a number of factors into account. It is very important that child support orders are crafted in the best interests of children and that parents are forced to pay only their fair share.

Parents often benefit from working with family law attorneys in order to achieve appropriate child support orders; unfortunately, in some cases the real legal battle begins after a child support order is in place.

A number of parents in the Poughkeepsie area neglect to meet their child support obligations. Enforcing child support orders can be difficult, in part, because there are a variety of reasons that a parent may fail to pay.

In some cases, a parent falls behind on child support because he or she simply cannot afford to pay it. In other cases, a parent might think a child support order is unfair or that the parent on the receiving end of support hid assets and lied about financials in order to obtain an overly generous support order. And, sometimes a parent declines to honor child support orders out of spite.

When a parent is not paying child support because he or she views the order to be unfair, it is important for that parent to seek a child support modification. Modifications may be possible if the income of either parent is different than what was initially reported to a court. It is important to pursue a modification rather than simply halt or reduce payments in order to avoid the legal trouble that will come from disobeying a court order.

When a parent needs to enforce an existing order, it may be important to talk to a family law attorney about enforcement options.

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