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New York pageant queen faces harassment during traffic stop

Although it may seem like the costs of a traffic ticket begin and end with paying a fine, there are a number of of other consequences that can result, including higher insurance rates. However, for one young New York woman and her mother, the results of a traffic stop took a much larger toll.

According to reports, the young woman -- who is serving as a beauty pageant queen -- was driving with her mother to a charity event when New York police pulled them over for a traffic violation. It didn't take long for police to escalate the situation by accusing the two women of driving a stolen vehicle.

The most unfortunate part of the story occurred while the police were arresting the women for the traffic violation and allegedly driving stolen property. Even though they provided documentation of ownership and explained that the theft accusation was the result of a clerical error, the two women were still arrested. While apprehending the beauty queen, police performed an "extremely invasive frisk and search," and they ridiculed the young woman while she and her mother were in the police cruiser.

As a result of what occurred during the traffic stop, the two women are taking action. In addition to fighting the criminal charges, they have also filed a lawsuit against the police for the unfair treatment.

This case shows how serious a simple traffic stop can become. Even if a person is just ticketed for speeding or another moving violation, it may be helpful to determine if they have legal options to contest the charges. Doing so may prove to be valuable in the long run.

Source: USA Today, " Beauty queen claims 'invasive frisk' by N.Y. police," Hoa Nguyen, July 11, 2013