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New York campaign seeks to combat reckless driving

Anyone who drives a vehicle has to be aware of what is going around them. For some drivers, it is easy to become distracted while driving. Any type of distraction can cause a driver to get into an accident because of delayed response times to things around them. New York residents might like to know about a new campaign aimed at trying to remind drivers that there are serious consequences to becoming distracted while behind the wheel.

The Department of Transportation has two ads to help combat reckless driving. One shows a picture of a mother holding a photo of her son. Her son was killed when he was struck by a vehicle as he was riding his bike. The accident occurred in 2005 when the boy was only 14 years old. The second ad shows a man holding a picture of his fiancée. She was struck by a reckless driver as she was crossing the road in a crosswalk. That accident occurred in 2009.

These ads will be placed on street advertisements, billboards and bus shelters. The DOT says that pedestrian deaths have gone up this year, according to preliminary data. In New York City alone last year, 34 people were killed by drivers who didn't yield the right of way, 59 people were killed by speeders, and 49 pedestrians were killed by distracted drivers.

Even the most careful of drivers can sometimes have incidents happen while behind the wheel that cause unsafe conditions for those around them. If you are facing any type of traffic violations, seeking the help of an experienced New York attorney might help you to fully understand the violation you are facing and the consequences of that violation.

Source: New York Post, " NYC ads target reckless drivers with tragic images" Rebecca Harshbarger, Dec. 17, 2013