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800 miles: woman drives across the country to fight traffic fine

Woman from another state was ticketed after leaving New York to drive home following a September 11 commemoration. The citation she received was for having an obstucted view. According to a report on her traffic violation, which was issued in a state neighboring New York, she was told the string of flowers bordering her window, and possibly the political signs and trinkets she had attached to her car, were obstructing her view, making her car unsafe.

The woman drove 800 miles back to the state where she was issued the ticket in order to fight it. Although the fine was only $56, she fought the ticket because she felt the ticket was a violation of her free speech.

Although she has been ticketed in many other states for similar reasons, the judge who decided this case said that the woman's flower border around her windshield did not unduly interfere with her vision. The ticket was thrown out, but not before she took multiple trips back to the state to fight the ticket.

While this case might seem extreme and it didn't take place in New York, police in New York might frequently ticket out-of-state drivers and believe that the driver would just pay the fine instead of coming back to fight the violation. Speaking with an experienced attorney in New York who handles traffic violations might be a wise decision. They can help out-of-state drivers understand the legal process and advocate on their behalf. Depending on the situation, a person might be able to handle many legal issues without coming back to the state.

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