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David Cassidy gets DWI in New York: Does not get happy

It was just after midnight in upstate New York when former teen heartthrob David Cassidy got some unwanted attention. Years ago, Cassidy may have been used to being approached by strangers and flashing lights, but this time he was likely caught off guard when he was stopped by police officers while driving.

Like many other people in New York, what started as a relatively uneventful traffic stop quickly turned into more serious charges for the driver. Cassidy was reportedly stopped by New York police because he had failed to turn off his high beams while driving. When he approached Cassidy's vehicle to possibly issue a citation for the traffic violation, the officer had reason to suspect that the former TV star and singer was intoxicated.

The officer stated that he smelled alcohol on Cassidy's breath and so he conducted field sobriety tests. Cassidy reportedly failed the tests and a breath test concluded that his blood alcohol content was 0.10 percent, which is higher than the limit of 0.08 percent allowed in the state.

Unfortunately, Cassidy may be facing some serious penalties for this incident, even though no one was hurt and his level of intoxication was only slightly above the limit. This is because this recent incident was not the first time Cassidy has been pulled over and suspected of drunk driving. In fact, this would be his second drunk driving offense.

Because he has been convicted of a DUI before, and within the past five years, Cassidy now faces the possibility of some serious penalties including losing his license, jail time, probation, or being ordered to complete alcohol counseling or community service. It is possible that Cassidy will consult an attorney to defend against the charges and work towards limiting his exposure to unnecessary punishment.

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