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The Law Office of Kelley M. Enderley, PC offers compassionate legal services for family law cases. We strive to give every client personal attention and a stress-free experience. Call today for a consultation!

Family law cases are often stressful and emotionally exhausting. We are here to walk you through every step of the process so that you are never alone. Our firm can communicate your options so that you can make informed decisions regarding your case, help you navigate the judicial process, and pursue your legal goals to benefit your children, finances, and property. We are here for you 24/7 to service your needs.

Family law cases our firm can help with include:

Fearless Advocacy for You and Your Children

As a Hudson Valley divorce lawyer, we have helped thousands of clients successfully settle various family law cases. With compassionate service and personal care, we are eager to support you at every stage. Divorce and family legal issues can be emotionally difficult, and the legal processes are often complicated. Our team can help you navigate the legal system, and we are prepared to present your case in court if necessary.

Licensed in the state of New York, Attorney Enderley first opened her firm in Poughkeepsie in 2005. In the 10 years since she was first licensed to practice law, she has gained the experience and knowledge of the legal system she needs to fight for you in court. Our Poughkeepsie family lawyer understands the high degree of stress you and your family are under, and she strives to help you achieve a solution to your legal problems in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Practical Results from Our Responsive Lawyer

If your family is facing a legal issue, contact us today! We can help you avoid a prolonged family battle in an out-of-court solution, but we are always prepared to take your case to court if needed. Don't let the stress and emotional tension overwhelm you! Let us assist you so that you can achieve your legal goals.

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