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  • Failing to buckle up may result in a traffic citation add-on

    || 30-May-2014

    Drivers may know that New York law requires them to wear a seat belt, but is that really grounds for a traffic citation? Although Poughkeepsie readers may be tempted to answer in the negative, an attorney who focuses on criminal defense and traffic violations knows that this violation may be combined with others, such as a speeding ticket. In addition, failing to buckle up may result in points ...
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  • Some advice: Cooperate if stopped for a traffic violation

    || 14-May-2014

    Although no one likes getting a ticket or citation for a traffic offense, today’s story provides an example of what not to do during a traffic stop. According to the arrest report, local New York City police observed actor Alec Baldwin riding against traffic in lower Manhattan. However, that alleged traffic offense is not the reason that Baldwin was arrested. Instead, it seems that the ...
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  • Local traffic stops lead to arrests in Duchess County

    || 21-Mar-2014

    According to local authorities in Duchess County, New York, 15 drivers were arrested over St. Patrick’s Day week. All of the arrests involved impaired driving charges. However, there was variety within those arrests. For example, only four were felonies. Some of those arrested also face traffic violation charges, such as one 50-year old woman from Ellenville who was charged with unlicensed ...
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