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  • Courteous driving may help in avoiding traffic citations

    || 4-Apr-2014

    Under New York law, an officer can issue a reckless driving summons under certain circumstances, such as when there is reasonable cause to suspect that a driver has endangered others on a public highway. Yet a recent editorial in the Poughkeepsie Journal begs the question of whether there may be a connection between lack of common driver courtesy and the criminal consequences of unlawful driving ...
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  • New York reckless driving: Cop hurt in hit and run ATV accident

    || 7-Mar-2014

    Drivers committing traffic violations are not uncommon in New York, where officials issue citations on a daily basis. Drivers who have received traffic citations may have experienced the far-reaching consequences that are possible, especially in instances of repeat offenses. When a police officer pulled off a man for reckless driving of an ATV recently, nobody expected what happened next. The ...
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  • Can an anonymous 911 call lead to a traffic violation?

    || 4-Oct-2013

    People sometimes make mistakes while driving. No driver is perfect, and sometimes other drivers might presume a small mistake while moving down a highway means a driver is drunk or being reckless. Two men were arrested on the side of the road after a 911 call from another driver. They pleaded guilty to drug charges after having their car searched, and are now appealing their case to the Supreme ...
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