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  • Lost Your License Due To Not Responding To a Traffic Ticket?

    || 17-Aug-2015

    When one fails to appear in court for a vehicle and traffic ticket the Court and the Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend that individual’s license. When that occurs if an individual continues driving with a suspended license it could result in criminal charges of at least a misdemeanor in the form of an AUO3rd. In order to reinstate a driver’s license after a suspension for ...
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  • Factors that may elevate a traffic violation into a felony

    || 31-Jul-2014

    A news story about a traffic stop typically calls to mind images of speeding motorists, with the most serious result being a speeding citation. However, two recent local traffic stops did not fare so well. In both cases, the traffic stops involved drivers on all-terrain vehicles, or four-wheelers. Both men were spotted driving their ATVs on the highway. Under ordinary circumstances, such behavior ...
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  • Traffic violation leads to repeat offender felony charge

    || 27-Jun-2014

    When it comes to a traffic violation, most people think of running a red light or some other minor violation. For one local man, however, a routine traffic stop turned into a class D felony. According to a news release, New York State Police stopped a local driver from East Fishkill, New York on a recent Sunday evening for alleged equipment and moving violation. However, the police claim that they ...
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  • Getting ticketed in a work vehicle may have extra consequences

    || 14-Jun-2014

    Readers may not be surprised to learn that numerous studies demonstrate that cellphone use behind the wheel can increase the risk of unsafe driving that leads to a traffic violation or a motor vehicle accident. However, readers may not have considered this prospect from an employer’s perspective. When employees are using company vehicles for official business, any crash caused by texting or ...
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  • New York police crack down on texting and driving

    || 2-May-2014

    Drivers in Poughkeepsie and greater New York may bemoan the seemingly ubiquitous presence of cell phones. The convenience and broad array of functions offered by smartphones make them irresistible to many consumers. In fact, many users may have difficulty putting them down, even when they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Yet New York lawmakers are aware of the dangers posed by drivers who ...
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  • Mass transit, safety regulations, and traffic violations

    || 18-Apr-2014

    Getting a speeding or traffic ticket may not be fun, but readers can probably appreciate that lawmakers’ concern for the public’s safety is probably a rationale behind many such citations. Compliance with traffic laws is especially vital for mass transit operators, who are entrusted with the safety of their passengers. Readers may recall the derailing incident of a Metro-North Railroad ...
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  • Dozens of people arrested in Dutchess County impairment crackdown

    || 10-Jan-2014

    According to a recent report, 77 people were arrested in Dutchess County between Dec. 13 and Jan. 1 for a variety of traffic violations and other accusations. This was part of a crackdown on impaired driving by agencies across the county. Police say that many people were arrested for impaired driving, some of them facing felonies. However, during the course of their investigations and traffic ...
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  • Traffic citations pull New York bus drivers off the job

    || 31-Oct-2013

    When a person needs a clean driving record for their job, a traffic violation can be devastating. Not only can it result in lost wages, but it can make it difficult for a person to seek new employment or get promoted if they are currently employed. Recently, bus drivers in New York have been repeatedly cited for alleged violations, including using cell phones behind the wheel, running red lights ...
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  • Expensive traffic violation fines in New York can be unreasonable

    || 30-Oct-2013

    When a person is pulled over for a traffic violation in New York, they might believe that they have done one thing wrong, but are issued a citation for multiple violations, adding up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A recent story in the New York Daily News shows how some traffic fines amounts are completely unreasonable. Although it took place in another country, a man was recently fined ...
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  • New York man arrested on drug charges after traffic stop

    || 18-Oct-2013

    A man from New York was arrested in a neighboring state last weekend after being pulled over for alleged traffic violations. When someone is pulled over, police will often question them about why they committed an alleged violation, and where they were going. These questions can often make a person nervous, and might sometimes lead to an officer asking to search a person's car. It is important ...
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  • Can an anonymous 911 call lead to a traffic violation?

    || 4-Oct-2013

    People sometimes make mistakes while driving. No driver is perfect, and sometimes other drivers might presume a small mistake while moving down a highway means a driver is drunk or being reckless. Two men were arrested on the side of the road after a 911 call from another driver. They pleaded guilty to drug charges after having their car searched, and are now appealing their case to the Supreme ...
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  • Traffic stop turns violent after police allegedly attack family

    || 18-Sep-2013

    It could have been a routine traffic stop. Police could have witnessed a driver roll through a stop sign, pull the driver over and issue a ticket. The driver could have been on his way in a matter of minutes, upset only with the fine he was required to pay for the traffic violation. But that is not what happened two years ago when a 26-year-old man was stopped by an officer with an aggressive work ...
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  • Drivers urged to use caution now that school is back in session

    || 6-Sep-2013

    We all know that we should drive carefully and obey New York traffic laws. For the most part, many of us take care to use turn signals, stay below the speed limit and refrain from driving after drinking. But people make mistakes behind the wheel and can end up facing some serious consequences for what may have been a simple lapse in judgment. Getting a traffic ticket in New York can have a wide ...
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  • New York pageant queen faces harassment during traffic stop

    || 12-Jul-2013

    Although it may seem like the costs of a traffic ticket begin and end with paying a fine, there are a number of of other consequences that can result, including higher insurance rates. However, for one young New York woman and her mother, the results of a traffic stop took a much larger toll. According to reports, the young woman -- who is serving as a beauty pageant queen -- was driving with her ...
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  • New Yorker arrested for speeding, swearing

    || 27-Jun-2013

    No one likes to be stopped by the police while they are driving. Drivers may think they've done nothing to warrant a traffic stop and it can be an inconvenience that costs a person both their time and money. It is not uncommon for a person to get upset, frustrated or even angry after being cited for a traffic violation in New York. One man recently found himself in this situation after he was ...
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  • Texting while driving tickets increase but convictions lag

    || 10-Jun-2013

    New York is one of many states in the country to outlaw texting while driving because the behavior has been linked to an increased risk of being involved in a car accident. The state recently increased the penalty for being caught texting behind the wheel from a three point penalty on your license to a five point penalty. However, this only applies to drivers who are convicted, which recent ...
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