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  • Equitable Distribution and the Separate Marital Residence

    || 16-Nov-2015

    Generally speaking a marital residence that is the separate property of one party to the marriage is not subject to equitable distribution without a showing that it has been transformed or transmuted into marital property. A spouses contribution toward the other spouses separate property marital residence alone does not mean that the marital residence has been transformed into marital property ...
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  • Choosing a legal separation over a divorce

    || 24-Oct-2013

    If you’re a high-asset couple then your biggest concern probably revolves around what you and your spouse will do if your marriage ever begins to dissolve. Often times, high-earning spouses never consider divorce prior to marriage because they never assume that they will find themselves going through this process down the road. Unfortunately, divorce can happen to anyone; even after a ...
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