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  • Tip of the Week

    || 4-Sep-2017

    Once a child support order has been entered against an individual the services of the Child Support Collection Unit may help to collect the amounts due. This is sometimes done when the ordered sum is taken directly from an individual’s paycheck and providing the sum to the Child Support Collection Unit for distribution.
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  • Child Support and Emancipation of a Child

    || 4-Mar-2016

    Child Support Payors often assume that when their child reaches the age of emancipation they can simply cease paying child support. Child support magistrates tend to take a much different approach to termination of an obligation that payors must be acutely aware of. In Order to terminate a child support obligation, the payor must file for a termination of the obligation either on the child’s ...
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  • College Education for your children and your Divorce

    || 2-Feb-2015

    When people get divorced who have children they almost always address the issue of child support. However, an overlooked area is the issue of your child's college education and how that will be paid. As part of your divorce settlement an attorney should be including under most circumstances the percentages that each parent will be responsible for the college education costs of the children. ...
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  • The Dangers of Parental Alienation

    || 23-Jan-2015

    Parental Alienation is a newer concept for the courts. While many people claim alienation is taking place by one parent against the other, many times this is not the case. When alienation is really occurring it is a traumatic event in both the lives of the parent who is being alienated as well as the children. Both Mothers and Fathers are equally responsible for the acts associated with ...
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  • Terrence Howard seeks modification to divorce agreement

    || 30-Jul-2014

    New York residents who may be contemplating divorce might be interested in Terrence Howard's current situation. The Oscar-nominated actor says he is unable to pay alimony to his second wife. He is petitioning the court to reevaluate the agreement in light of his current income. According to the actor, who has been in such films as 'Iron Man," he is not able to pay the $325,000 in ...
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  • Child support payments can bring families out of poverty

    || 7-May-2014

    We are increasingly seeing matters where back child support is owed by an individual living in another country. It's often been extremely difficult for individuals to collect this child support due to the complicated process required in enforcing such orders as compared to the amounts of money the custodial parent is likely to receive. Still, even a small amount can make a difference. Sadly, ...
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  • Some feel New York surrogate laws are outdated

    || 25-Mar-2014

    There are some who would argue that New York laws as regard surrogacy have not kept up with existing technology. New York laws currently do not allow for contracts between individuals contemplating surrogate birth - nor does it allow for couples to offer compensation for surrogacy. One Assemblywoman has proposed legislation that would help spell out such agreements. Her legislation would also ...
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  • Billions in child support remain unpaid on national level

    || 12-Mar-2014

    Certain commentators' feel that changes to the 1996 federal welfare laws has resulted in many single mothers being placed in an untenable situation. One study conducted by a pair of individuals at the Luxembourg Income Study Center at the Graduate Center City University of New York suggests that 63 percent of single mother families are in poverty. There are many reasons for why this happens to ...
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  • Many parents not receiving child support payments owed

    || 6-Jan-2014

    Sadly, there is a significant difference between what parents are ordered to pay in child support and what money is actually received by the custodial parent. Congressional research data revealed that in 2011 only 2.7 million of 7.1 million custodial parents with child support orders received the amount of child support that they were supposed to have received. This still appears to be a greater ...
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  • Are you struggling to enforce a child support order in New York?

    || 22-Nov-2013

    Here in New York, child support laws require parents to support their children financially whether or not they have custody, and regardless of whether children were born in wedlock. Child support is calculated by using a formula that takes a number of factors into account. It is very important that child support orders are crafted in the best interests of children and that parents are forced to ...
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