Blog Posts in March, 2016

  • Obligation of CPS to find appropriate resources for your child

    || 9-Mar-2016

    The obligation of CPS to find appropriate resources for your child when they are removed from a parent’s care and custody. When a child is removed from the care and custody of the parents CPS (Child Protective Services) must look at resources for the child to be placed with. This can include relatives or friends of the family. These individuals must be reviewed to determine the ...
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  • Supervised Visitation v Therapeutic Visitation

    || 8-Mar-2016

    When a parent’s ability to safely be around a child is in question it may be appropriate for a court to order supervised visitation. This occurs when the child and the parent engage in contact while a relative or agency observes the interactions to ensure the safety and/or appropriateness of the contact between the parent and child. Therapeutic visitation occurs when a child and parent ...
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  • Child Support and Emancipation of a Child

    || 4-Mar-2016

    Child Support Payors often assume that when their child reaches the age of emancipation they can simply cease paying child support. Child support magistrates tend to take a much different approach to termination of an obligation that payors must be acutely aware of. In Order to terminate a child support obligation, the payor must file for a termination of the obligation either on the child’s ...
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  • When does one file for an appeal?

    || 1-Mar-2016

    An appeal is filed at the conclusion of a hearing or other ruling of the Court. It is always important to speak to an attorney about whether or not merits exist to file an appeal. If an appeal is even being considered a notice of appeal must be filed within 30 days following the issuance of the decision by the Court. The one exception is an interim order by the Court, which cannot be appealed. ...
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